Educational Outreach


Our long-term vision is to prepare next generation of students and educators to take advantage of parallel computing systems to solve problems of societal importance. We believes that the key to successfully realizing this vision is developing educational material related to parallel computing and integrating the material at appropriate educational levels. The most fundamental step is to first raise awareness and elevate excitement about high performance computing at an early stage. Then, convert this excitement into thinking about parallelism at the next stage. At the next educational stage (e.g., graduate students), we need to prepare our students toward efficiently managing interruptions / failures in a parallel system and gracefully recovering from such events.

Our group actively participates and designes activities to excite high school students about parallel computing systems via various programs including the annual Building Bridges program, Young Scholar program, and General Electrics (GE) Girls programs at Northeastern (photos above were taken during those events where we participated). GE Girls program is sponsored by General Electric and is a one-week academic day program designed to encourage girls to STEM-based career. Our group is building a small-scale solar-energy powered cluster using Sony play-stations to elevate excitement levels among high-school students, in collaboration with a faculty at UMass Dartmouth.