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Goodwill Lab’s mission is making high performance computing (HPC) and quantum computing systems better and more accessible.

Goodwill Lab also focuses on preparing next generation of students and educators to take advantage of parallel computing systems to solve problems of societal importance.


April, 2023

Dr. Tirthak Patel successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis and graduated with his Ph.D.! He’ll be soon on his way to his faculty position at Rice University.

March 1, 2023

William Cutler presented SliQ at a poster session for MathWorks Day @ Northeastern

February 12, 2023

Daniel Silver presented his poster on Quantum Image Similarity Networks (SliQ) at AAAI-23, coauthored with Tirthak Patel, Aditya Ranjan, Harshitta Gandhi, and William Cutler

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